Net Worth Update: May 2023

Welcome to my net worth update for May 2023! These numbers represent my wife and I’s net worth as of April 30th. Please check out our previous net worth update if you haven’t already!

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Summer is Here!

Well, at least at the time I’m writing this (mid June). May was an incredibly busy May month—both socially and with work. As a result, my blogging schedule has more or less gone out the window. Too bad, as I was on such a great streak of posting each week. The outlook for this summer isn’t looking too good either, with a lot of trips and family events planned.

In spite of that, I still got my numbers together and finally got to writing this blog post. And overall, May wasn’t a great month financially. Let’s dig into why.

Savings & Expenses

The top-line number for the month is $1,500, which is the amount we were able to save after our enourmous (to us, anyway) and growing property tax bill came due. Because of recent increases, our propery tax bill is getting dangerously close to $4,000—ouch.

On the plus side, our other spending was pretty low in May. If we hadn’t paid our property tax, we would have saved a cool $5,500.

Investments & Dividends

As I said previously, May has always been a very low dividend month for us. And this year was no different. In total we received just $115 in dividends. This came entirely from my wife’s XDIV and XDG ETFs.

I’m still looking forward to what June and July will bring. I’m hoping we can reach the $1,000 per month mark.

Net Worth Change

In May, our net worth decreased to $796,000 from $800,500 in the previous month. That’s an decline of $4,500.

This pretty much all came from our stock portfolio dipping over $8,000, which totally wiped out our savings, mortgage paydown, and pension contributions.

Oh well. Let’s wait and see what June has to offer!

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