Net Worth Update: June 2023

Welcome to my net worth update for June 2023! These numbers represent my wife and I’s net worth as of April 30th. Please check out our previous net worth update if you haven’t already!

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Savings & Expenses

June was an incredibly expensive month for us. We finally got around to doing some of that travel we had budgeted for, and also had a small home maintenance project we needed to get done. These two categories of expenses contributed over $5,000 to our spending for the month—ouch!

On top of that, our dining out budget blew up to $1,260. It just goes to show how pricey keeping yourself fed can be when travelling.

We also spent an elevated amount on personal clothing, as well as gifts for friends and family during our travels.

With all that spending, we achieved a savings rate of 0%. In fact, it’s actually negative, since we spent around $100 more than we earned last month.

In the past this would have been hard to stomach. But looking back, we got a lot out of life in June. Not to mention we’ve made some (albiet modest) improvements to our home. So all in all I’m quite happy with June—as long as we can get back to saving soon!

Investments & Dividends

Last month we received $839 in dividends which is actually less than we received in June of 2022. I attribute this to at least one of our ETFs paying later than expected, or at least Questrade depositing it into my account later. I think this can happen if the month ends on a weekend.

Hopefully this just means July is even more better than last year than I forecasted it to be. We’ll see!

Net Worth Change

In June, our net worth increased to $809,600 from $795,600 in the previous month. That’s an increase of $14,000. Not too bad at all!

Most of this increase came from our stock market returns. For some reason, U.S. tech stocks and the market more broadly has been doing great lately, and this has pushed our net worth up despite some high spending months.

Now, let’s just hope we can get back into saving in July! I do have some more trips and fun activities planned, but nothing to the extend of what we did in June.

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