Net Worth Update: July 2023

Welcome to my net worth update for July 2023! These numbers represent my wife and I’s net worth as of July 31st. Please check out our previous net worth update if you haven’t already!

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Savings & Expenses

After a few very expensive months, we managed to have a much more subdued July. That allowed us to save a cool $5,200!

However, we didn’t just sit on our butts all month. We did some local trips, which added up to $1,215 spent on travel when we add up hotel stays and activities.

We also spent a considerable amount of money on home maintenance: $950. This was to get some work done around the house that I had been planning on for a while. Expect to see another, larger expense next month for this category.

Overall, we achieved a savings rate of 45%—not bad, at all!

Investments & Dividends

Last month we earned $1,379 in dividends, which is a huge increase compared to the same month last year. Much of this came from our investment purchases over the past year, and a small portion came from some dividends paying in July when they should have paid in June.

These dividends all came from our diversified ETF holdings, including VCN, VIU, VUN, and VEE. These are my “core four” ETFs that I like to invest in.

Net Worth Change

In July, our net worth increased to $834,800 from $809,600 in the previous month. That’s an increase of $25,200!

About $14,000 of this increase came from stock market returns. Whereas $5,200 came from savings of income, and the rest came from mandatory pension contributions and home equity paydown.

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