Net Worth Update: August 2021

Last updated on August 14th, 2021 at 01:58 am

Welcome to my net worth update for August 2021! These numbers represent my wife and I’s net worth as of August 1st. If you haven’t already, check out our previous net worth update.

Posting Schedule

Some of my readers have noticed that I didn’t post very much in the last month. Sorry for that! I got a little busy with work and family. Add to that the fantastic weather—”Raincouver” was dry for over a month—and I’ve hardly been able to find time to write or schedule new posts.

Expect this to change this month, as I plan to schedule a few posts I wrote back in the spring. Keep an eye out, or better yet, subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss a beat!

Expenses in Depth

We spent money on many little things this month, including health and beauty products, prescription glasses, clothing, and an educational book. Luckily, these little expenses didn’t amount to much. Especially compared to last month, when our huge property tax bill came due.

We spent money in a lot of categories this month.

One larger, abnormal expense came from our recent trip. That’s right, we finally did something that constitutes “travel.” The $183 we spent accounts for our single-night stay at a hotel. We also ate out a lot, and so much of our $322 restaurant expense can be associated with that trip.

We’d really like to go on more trips this summer and beyond. However, I am a little hesitant to plan international travel when COVID is still rearing its ugly head. Being vaccinated, I’m less worried about catching the virus. Still, I am concerned that borders may close or restrictions could make us regret booking travel.

Net Worth Increase

Because we didn’t spend that much money, we managed to save a significant amount of our income—$4,400. This helped us increase our net worth by $8,200, which now totals $410,500.

The amount of income we saved was buoyed by $600 we received as a refund from Structube. We had ordered some accent chairs, but on receiving them we were disappointed with the quality. Luckily, Structube readily accepted our return and issued us a full refund.

Our savings were also helped by some huge dividends we received. Some of these were technically “paid” on June 30th, but they didn’t hit our accounts until a few days later. As a result, the dividends we received last month hit an all-time high of $621.

We should report some interest income next update when our GIC expires.

These dividends, along with consistent investment growth, have helped our net worth grow significantly since starting AnotherLoonie. Take a look at how we’ve done!

Liquid net worth is our cash and liquid investments.

We plan to keep ploughing money into our investment accounts, hopefully maxing our TFSAs sometime next year. And although I think prices are pretty elevated, we’ll continue our leveraged investing strategy to gain more exposure to the global equity market. After all, we’re investing for a retirement that’s 30 years from now! How the market “looks” in the short term isn’t that important to us.

Thanks for Reading!

Thank you for checking out my net worth update for August 2021. I recently wrote a few articles that you may be interested in. This includes my list of the best REIT ETFs in Canada and my article explaining how to get cash back from your realtor. Consider giving those a read if you think they’ll help you on your financial journey!

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  1. Very solid stuff AL! Love the net worth chart and the consistent increase you’ve seen over the last year. Pretty amazing that you have doubled your liquid net worth during that time.

    1. Thanks, Tawcan! Yep, our strategy of saving hard is paying off. I hope that we see our net worth growth accelerate as we accumulate more investments. Time will tell!

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