Net Worth Update: April 2022 – Even More Windfall!

Last updated on May 15th, 2022 at 09:30 pm

Welcome to my net worth update for April 2022! These numbers represent my wife and I’s net worth as of April 1st. Please check out our previous net worth update if you haven’t already!

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Expected Windfall!

Last month I shared that we received an unexpected windfall of $30,000. And this month I have even more great news to share! Although this time, it’s not quite as unexpected.

Basically, we have now received the 2nd and final part of that windfall I reported on last month. This came to a cool $19,000, which is an incredible sum of money.

But that’s not all…

Since March was a three paycheque month for us, our income was much higher than normal (about $5,000 more, in fact). I’ll call this windfall #2.

And lastly, because we filed our taxes and made considerable RRSP contributions before the end of RRSP season, we both received huge tax refunds this year! To the tune of $17,600! That’s windfall #3!

Like last month, we deposited all of our extra cash into our investment accounts. I’m happy to share that with these new deposits, we now have just over $250,000 in liquid investments ($263,900 if you include our cash outside of these investment accounts).

Dividend Income

Last month we received dividends from our monthly dividend payers, XDIV and XDG. We also received a few of our quarterly dividend payers before the start of the month.

Our newest source of dividends is XEQT, which my wife has decided to be the sole investment in her RRSP. She only started her RRSP a few months ago, in late 2021. After juggling purchasing four different ETFs in her TFSA, she wanted to go with something a bit simpler in her RRSP.

In April of 2021, I reported that we earned $126 in the preceding month. This April, I’m happy to report that we earned $335, which is an increase of 166% compared to last April!

I hope that means next month will be a $500 dividend month. We’ll have to wait and see!

Expenses in Depth

Despite receiving three paycheques each, last month was quite a low spending month for us. On $15,100 of income we managed to save a cool $9,600.

Our only large discretionary expenses were $250 for some garden tools and $492 for some new additions to our work-from-home setup.

I hope you like these new Sankey chart colours!

My one travel expense was a $246 down payment for our trip this summer to the interior of B.C. We also spent $122 on “Hobbies/Fun,” which is actually a camping reservation.

Our grocery and gas bills continued to feel the pressure of inflation, at $397 and $135 (for only two tanks!), respectively. We did do well on eating out, however, only spending around $120—not bad!

Net Worth Update

Adding up our windfalls, plus adding about $4,400 in investment growth, our net worth significantly to $664,000 from $615,100 in the previous month. That’s an increase of $48,100!

These last three months have been absolutely crazy for our net worth.

By far, this is the biggest increase to our liquid net worth that we’ve ever seen, and it’s not likely to be repeated anytime in the near future. I’m not expecting any more abnormal infusions of cash in 2022.

I’m most happy that our liquid net worth is making big inroads vs. our home equity. And now at $250,000 in liquid investments, even small swings in the stock market can have huge effects on our net worth. Hopefully, over the next few years, with some aggressive saving, we’ll see our liquid net worth meet or exceed our home equity.

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  1. Love the Sankey diagram and net worth graphs!

    Congrats on the big windfall, what a nice job you have to get big bonuses like that! 🙂

    Were you one of the lucky ones that got a May long weekend camping reservation? The new camping website seems more difficult to use to me, we aren’t booking until later, but fingers crossed we get a spot.

    1. Thanks GYM! Ha, I only wish this was an ordinary thing..

      And yes we were! Had three of us logged into the reservation site. We were position 300, 800, and 23,000th in the queue. I think the site worked quite well – didn’t crash, at least. But snagging a good long weekend spot certainly takes a lot of luck. Hope you get some good spots this summer as well!

  2. What an incredible month for you and your wife. That is a lot of money coming in all at once! Now that we’re retired, I miss having regular income coming in, LOL. It’s such a rush to see your account balances increasing as you bring in money.

    This is such great timing for you, given how low the markets are right now. You get to buy stocks on sale!

    1. Right?! These past two months have been really great. The two months of windfalls we received more then offset our investment losses, and we were able to pick up a lot of ETFs at a nice discount. Who doesn’t love a sale, eh?

      Thanks for stopping by, Chrissy!

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